How to Apply LLR in India (Procedure, Fees, Required Documents)

It is a dream for everyone to ride a vehicle by him/herself. For that there are so many rules and regulations, isn’t it? What a crap… You have to get insurance, driving license, RC book. Here we are going to discuss driving license. But before getting a driving license a beginner should get the LLR [Learner’s License] in the starting point.

LLR in Tamil Nadu

llr application

According to the Tamil Nadu Transport Authority, that Learner’s license will differ in vehicles. You can apply for LLR in online and offline too. Applicant should have an age eligibility.

  1. For motorcycle without gear – Above 16 years.
  2. For small motor vehicles and motorcycle with gear – Above 18 years.
  3. For transporting automobiles – Above 20 years.

Initial steps to know…

  1. Learner’s License last long for 6 months after that you can renew that.
  2. If you don’t pass in a driving test at the first attempt means you can get another try after 7 days.
  3. If your Learner’s License is registered in Tamil Nadu, you can use it in other states too. Because you can use it all over the country.
  4. You need to show “L” symbol anywhere in your vehicle to indicate that you are a learner.
  5. Also while driving with an LLR you must be accompanied by a person who has a permanent license.
  6. For two-wheelers learner, that the trainer must be the pillion rider.

Learner’s License – Offline

In this case, you need to go to Regional Transport Authority office in your jurisdiction. There you can get Learner’s License application, along with the medical certificate, and declaration forms. Fill the required information and then submit the application with other essential documents to the RTO office. After the process has completed applicant will receive a message.

Then you need to take a written test. If you passed that test means you can get the LLR on that day itself.


  1. Application form
  2. Medical certificate
  3. Physical Fitness Declaration
  4. Passport sized photographs
  5. Ration card & Voter ID & Adhar card
  6. Passport
  7. Birth certificate
  8. School certificate
  9. LIC policy
  10. Age proof
  11. Before the Judicial Magistrate, you should get Affidavit sworn

You can also get the status information of your application by visiting the RTO office directly.

Learner’s License – Online

Just go to  Government website given by Tamil Nadu Transport Authorities. In that select Learner’s License application tab. Fill the essential information and choose the administration district and RTO office. Also, you have to enter the suitable date of appointment. Then choose the submission tab. After that, you will get the application number. For online application, there is no fee required.

Then you should take a written test. It is a computer-based test on the subjects like driving and road signs. In that test, you need to answer 20 questions. Also, you have to get 16 answers right to get the Learner’s License. That will be held at RTO office nearby your place. On the date when your result comes you can get the Learner’s License.

Also, you can check your application’s situation on some websites for the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. In that, just select “Status of Online Application” option. Then you need to enter your application number to check the status of your application. Enter the required details after completing the procedures your LLR status will be shown on the screen.

Test for Learner’s License

driving test pass

As we discussed before LLR test is a computer-based test. You can select the date and time according to your schedule while applying in online. But you have to check the availability. After confirmation of your test date and time, you will get a notification. Then you should go to the RTO office on that particular date.

In offline you wanted to go RTO office directly. After paying the allotted fee the test will be held up to 15 minutes. If you passed the test, you can get the Learner’s License on that day itself.

Note: If you fail in the test means you can take back the test again after 7 days.

Learner’s License renewal

The LLR will last long for only 6 months. Als, you can renew the Learner’s License. That the applicant should submit the application along with the essential certificates to the RTO office directly. That the documents such as Application form – 2, age proof, address proof, passport size photographs, medical certificate, present LLR. The applicant should submit the application along with the listed documents to the RTO office by a person. You need to submit NOC certificate[No Objection Certificate] along with application if the RTO is not same. After the renewal process, your Learner’s License will be sent to the applicant’s address as written on the application form.

Altering the Learner’s License

At times you need to alter your LLR application. If you need to change the applicant name or address in case of marriage. You need to submit the altering applicating in the same RTO office. And you have to write a letter about altering your Learner’s License. Then you can give in the application along with the required documents for example if you want to change the address means then you have to submit present address mentioned ration card, passport. Also, you need to pay a fee for that too. That day you can get you LLR. New changes will appear in your Learner’s License.

Duplicate Learner’s License

At times you may lose your LLR in case of theft or if it damaged then you can apply for the duplicate Learner’s License. Because driving without a licence is offensive in our country. So you can issue the duplicate LLR easily. Also, the duplicate learner’s license will long for a same time period as the original. For this, you need to submit identity proof, address proof, particulars of any Learner’s License, along with the duplicate license application. If there is a police complaint on your license in case of theft you have to submit that too, as a proof. Then the applicant needs to go to the same RTO office also you have to pay some fee for this license. You should get the NOC certificate in case a new RTO officer. After verification process that the duplicate license will send by post to the applicant.


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