Book Marketing Tips for Self Published Authors

Are you the one who is trying to be a bestselling book author of the year? If YES, Let’s explore the ways. In this article, we are going to discuss some marketing ideas which are attracting the readers quickly. I hope this may help you.

Initial step to ahead

While seeing famous writers in online, have you dreamt to be one of them? For that, first, you should understand no one will be a celebrity overnight. Because you can gain it gradually. Before discussing the marketing techniques you have to find an answer yourself for the listed queries.

  1. What have you written?
  2. What are the needs of Readers?
  3. How to get Honest reviews?
  4. How to execute your plans?
  5. How you become renown?


I am going to share some strategies for self-publishing writers to be renown. Don’t you want to be one of them? Then just scroll down.

Written script

STOP…What impact will you bring out to your work? For that, an author must be clear about his/her destination of that script. Then only you can obtain the fame. Also, the story should be a motivative in a different perspective. Besides, it should be informative and interesting one. Also, it should express author’s peculiarity and perspective on the world to leave your trace on your readers.

The subject matter as important as the title. Also,  you can deal with contemporary issues, such as recent political issues, natural disasters, so on, to attract the readers easily.

Title of the book

Even I choose the books based on the titles mostly. Because no one knows what is inside the book at the first look. Don’t you know that face is the index of the mind? You can attract your readers with the title. So that is one of the main sources to attract the readers. Also, that should be catchy and trendy one.

Needs of readers

What’s the essential step to attract a vast number of readers? For that, along with your own ideas and feelings, you have to focus on the reader’s point of you. You may write any genre but you should know for whom you are writing and what impact it will make upon them.

As a writer, you need to collect a database about the genre that you are going to write. Just explore their needs by conversing with people. Because they are actual benefits of your product. So considering their opinion will help the self-publishers to attain success rapidly.

Honest reviews

Even I choose the books based on the readers’ reviews in Google search and Amazon, etc. What’s your aim? To add your work to bestselling list, isn’t it? To do so just try to get reviews. Because a good book must cross many reviews.

That reviews help to shape your script into readable one, so try to get them from the beginning. But don’t worry there are many sources to get reviews. Apart from the professional editing and all, your book should reach the readers directly. For that, you can give your book to your friends and bookworms nearby you. Because those reviews will make your work trustworthy and it’s is an effective marketing above all.

Enlarging contacts

How they become so famous? I had the doubt too.How are you going to get the tagmark of a famous book writer? Just workout few things that are discussed below. If you are thinking of self-publishing you need to enlarge your contacts.

Even before complete your book, you need to share the ideas regarding the book with your friends and people you are meeting to get honest reviews. If someone gives proper attention and replies means just take note of it. So try to get more contacts to increase your marketing level. If your book attracts them means your readers will help to expand your wings all around the world.

Writers blog

Mostly readers rely on writer’s blog. So first you have to create your own blog as a writer and share the information regarding your book that will help to keep in touch with your readers.

Creating Website

Also, you need to create a full website for your book. In that you should add your updates such as the book publishing, new suggestions if there is the second edition means you can also share it along with your contact information.

Offline /Online marketing

A writer can place his/her book in nearby bookstores, library. Normally self-publishers can sell their book on Amazon. After putting the work in Amazon or other bookstores, you can write an article about the book in magazines or else renown newspaper or eZines that will help to improve your marketing. The Amazon reviews will help you to build up the selling. You can ask your friends to share their comments Amazon to get an attraction.

Online publishing

Nowadays one can easily put your book on Kindle, ebook, Goodreads, B&N, Apple iBookstore, and so on. For marketing self- publishers have so many opportunities in social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

Writer comes orator

How could you obtain success? You may be love to live in alone but as a writer, you need to integrate with the world to attain fame and success. Try to speak up in conferences, where you can sell your work there it is one of the best strategies for marketing.

Mass media

Medias will make your job easier than you think. Self-publishers also can use the local media like radio, local tv channels via interviews, pitch articles and so on. You have to create pitches for your book to tempt the readers to read your work. Internet forums are available to extend your circle. While promoting the book writer need to give optimistic ideas about that work such as what inspired a writer to write pen down that work, what the readers can obtain via this & so on. Your positive thoughts will do the remain things.

Arrange a press release

The writer can arrange a press release, it’s a fastest and simplest way to get publicity easily. Also, there are many sites to help the self-publishers to free press release marketing.

Business card

It’s time to invest. Also, you can need to invest in printing a business card in that you can print the book cover on the other side these are small tactics to marketing.

To be renown

So you will be the bestselling book author soon. Also publish your book during the correct time, when Publishers are seeking for new books. Once your book attracts the reader’s means they will ease your marketing process. As we discussed, there are plenty of ways for the self-publishers. The only thing the writer has to do is creating a remarkable book. Let’s discuss your second book promotion soon.


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