How to buy used/second hand Car in India

Owning a used car makes more sense than buying a new one. But, when you are in search of used car, it is hard to be with peaceful mind since there are possible ways to get cheated with fleece. Here we have given some points that will be useful to buy a second-hand car.

used car

1.Things to Do:

Selecting Car

  • Decide to select the car which fulfills your need.
  • There is a lot of makes and models can be found that suits your financial plan.

Selecting Model

  • Let yourself to do some research to find makes and models that are appropriate to your financial plan.
  • Reliability is the first thing that should be noted when you are in the decision to buy a used car.
  • Have a glance at the ratings of the car.

Medium of selection

There are a lot of sources that will let you know what is accessible on the market.

  • Internet, dealers of used cars, agents, advertisements on newspaper and self-reference are the best ways to find available cars.
  • Having a face to face talk with the previous owner is a better concept.

Selecting Finance

A lot of financing companies are available and ready to offer loans to buy the used cars. It is important to know that, the loan which they offer to buy used cars will have higher interest rates than those for new cars.

2.Things to Keep in Mind:

Service History of the car

  • Documented service history of a car is a major thing when you are choosing it.
  • Give attention to the car which comes under high ratings since it is maintained at a single authorized service station.
  • Communicate with the regular service station of seller or insurance company to know about the damage to the car that occurred previously.

Cars that are Authorized 

  • There some used cars that are certified by the manufacturers and dealerships.
  • Details of replacement of exhausted and damaged parts of the car will be noted.
  • Renovated cars will be authorized and worth enough for the large amount.
  • Be aware of some agents who uses tricks on used cars to sell it.


It is recommended to collect the data about the warranty, duration, and other terms. Few car manufacturers and dealers offer warranties.

(i)Cars that are Unpopular

  • Some cars seem to be reliable but not popular in the market.
  • When it comes to the sale as a second-hand, it gets best deals.

The best bargain models are the fifth generation Honda Accord and Fiat Palio 1.6

(ii)Avoid modified Car

It is unpredictable about the standard of the modification that the car undergoes. So it is better to avoid the highly modified car.

(iii)Say No to discontinued Model

It is recommended to avoid the manufacturer who doesn’t exist. Keep away from the cars which have a trouble in resale value, the supply of spare parts and high maintenance. Example,  Opel Astra, Ford Escort.

(iv)Repossessed cars

It is not good to get a car that is repossessed by a finance company. Because there you may have trouble in the process of obtaining the certificate of Registration. There is another possibility of trouble which can be created by the pre-owner of the car.

(v)Less used and repainted car

Better stay away from the cars that are used for less period and kilometers. Because inactivity of the car may cause some problems. Cars that are repainted in a short period will be a cause of the question, whether it because of accident or cosmetic purpose.

How to Inspect the Car

  • Have a help from a friend who has technical skills or a mechanic to verify the car, if you don’t know much about the car. The second opinion is the must.
  • Make sure you have collected all the details about the car before traveling to the distant place to buy a car. At times car details may wrong one.
  • Check the car during the daytime, you may not find the damages at night times.
  • Check whether the car starts at cold start temperatures. Because it is different from normal operating temperatures.
  • Clarifying all the documentation are problem free and original one along with car’s service history. Certificates that should be verified are (i) RTO tax receipt, (ii) Registration of the car, (iii) Insurance, (iv) Original invoice, (v)Finance NOC
  • Sometimes dealers may cheat  you by make the odometers clocked back. So you have to verify the previous owner or the dealer who maintained that car to obtain the information regarding that car’s odometer readings. Manufacturing date of the car will help you to deter actual mileage of the car has traveled so far.
  • Detect about the engine size along with other information about the engine in Registration and Insurance papers.
  • Also should check the VIN [ vehicle identification number] to get further information such as year of manufacturing and so on.
  • Though the car looks good and the price seems affordable, you need to bargain and other things too.
  • Just try a test drive on bumper to bumper traffic, open highways, sloped areas and downfall places after switching off the stereo.
  • Mechanic’s verdict is must. Well known mechanic may help you to check the car without flaw. Or else you can go to an authorized dealership to completely check the car.

Things to do after inspection

  • It is recommended to have all agreements of a documented type.
  • Never let the seller compel you to purchase a car that is not giving you any satisfaction.
  • Use your negotiating skills for fixing the price of your car since the used car has no fixed price.
  • Investigate the sellers when they hesitate to sign the delivery note.
  • Ask for a duplicate key with delivery
  • Don’t forget to transfer the insurance coverage to your name( with RC book entry)
  • You can reduce the brokerage fee from its common charge of 2% of the sales price by bargaining.
  • Keep a file about the date, time and odometer reading when you bought the used car.
  • During delivery of the car, ensure the car is completely serviced and filled with fluids.
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