Best Crowdfunding sites for investors (equity crowdfunding)

Crowdfunding site does not only benefit the persons who need the fund but also for the investors who can be involved in large commercial projects. So it is important that every investor must have to check out the lucky chances that he could use his investments.

Generally, Equity crowdfunding site is considered as best for the accredited investors who may receive convertible debt instruments or stock in return. These platforms are not setting any fees to register or to be a member as an investor.

Eligibility for Investors

Accredited investors are allowed to engage in equity crowdfunding with some restrictions. An accredited investor is defined by the SEC as the individuals who persistently earns more than $200,000 per year, and couples with combined income as more than $300,000 per year, and net worth of individuals is minimum $1 million Investors should hand over their identity, income, verification of asset to register with the platform and to be engaged in funding rounds of listed companies.

Best Equity Crowdfunding sites for Investors




This platform is started in 2009 and this site has a strong history, offered investments in Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp. in transactions, they have done more than $100M. MicroVentures offers Reg CF crowdfunding investments that are open to anyone and also several additional options of investment for accredited investors that includes shares in private companies like Dropbox, DocuSign, Redfin.

This MicroVentures provides investments in startups. Almost many investments will go for new startups and some investments are for later-stage private companies.

An investor will receive particular security that is based on the investment. Example, the 3 Reg CF offerings, among three, one is for common stock, the next one is for a revenue share, and the third one is for a written promise for paying back that is out of the future revenue.



AngelList is considered as one of the oldest and well-established equity crowdfunding sites. Actually, this platform is formed to mediate connections between investors and entrepreneurs.

This AngelList gives its concern around the profiles of the company-created startup that will be visible to general public. These startups maintain its profile very active forever- before, during and after the campaign of equity crowdfunding. A listed company’s planning for getting fund will be seen only by registered investors.



This site connects investors with consumer-facing startups, almost in technology, fitness, and food and beverage sectors, household products, pets, apparel, electronics. This site features company profiles with each company’s products, business, model, leadership, revenue, retail partners etc.,

This platform has helped 211 entrepreneurs raised $305 million from since it was launched in 2011. CircleUp is maintaining its average rise as less than $1 million and average investment is $100,000.

Most of the investors have very far experience in retail and consumer brands and this investor are ready to give key directions and support during the process.

This site has the feature DealFlow through which the actively fundraising companies will be seen by platform-registered investors and also can request samples of products if it’s offered.



Anyone can invest in this site as little as $100 in any innovative startups and companies that are growing. Indigogo needs no accreditation.

If one is ready to become an investor on this platform, personal information should be entered and electronically sign. There will be an investment processing fee to become an investor.



To be the member of Crowdfunder, one must join in its investor community that includes over 13,000 institutional and angel investors. To invest in this platform one may need to be an accredited investor.

The person who desires to invest should fill up user profile and accreditation questionnaire to verify his investor status on this platform. This process will permit investor access to public and private deal flow on this Crowdfunder.

Through Crowdfunder platform investors produces nonbinding funding pledges but transaction of actual funding takes place off-site.



WeFunder has helped to more than 150 startups that include well-known brands like Zenefits. Wefunder is also offering Investment Clubs which acts as another assistant vehicle for investment allows the investors to produce their own funding portal.

An investor is allowed to do invest that depends on which Regulation the company is fundraising with. This platform calculates the annual investment limit of an investor based on the net worth and income that is added to account opening.



StartEngine is involved with the SEC and Congress and also the home of the first successful Reg A+ funding, of Elio Motors raised $17M from more than 6,000 unaccredited investors.



This platform is founded in 2011 and launched 2013. The founders of Seedinvest is participated in discussions with the SEC and Congress to help pass the 2012 JOBS Act. this platform provides Reg D, Reg A+, and Reg CF investments.

A low-minimum automated investment feature allows considering the person who is searching for an investment crowdfunding in startups.



As like Crowdfunder, EquityNet features detailed entity profiles that will be visible to the public by registering to view audited financial disclosures and prospectuses. In most of the cases, funding transaction takes place off-site. Generally, it is hard to find minimums lower than $1,000.

Real Estate Crowdfunding Site for investors

PeerStreet – This is the platform of real estate backed loans. Minimum investment in this site is $5,000.

Fundrise – this site offers direct opportunities directly, online, and with lower fees through using some technology. The minimum investment one can do on this site is $1,000.

RealtyShares – this platform is for real estate that offers investors with access to small balance real estate deals in secondary and other markets. Minimum investment on this site is $5.000 with chosen investment as low as $1,000.

Acquire Real Estate – this real estate crowdfunding platform is for accredited investors and those investors pre-fund and co-invest only in

RealCrowd – this platform offers the opportunity to invest in commercial real estate directly with experienced real estate sponsors, free of cost and with full transparency. Minimum investment on this site varies but commonly $25,000

AlphaFlow – this platform helps investors easily to create and manage concepts over the crowdfunding industry. This site holds a minimum investment of $25,000.

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