Difference between Electric and Petrol Scooter

Petrol consumption is increasing rapidly, each passing day. So we are in search of another energy source instead of petrol, diesel, so on. At last, we reached our destination. Yes, E- scooters that are. Those are comfortable, and easily accessible to the petrol scooters. But they too have some cons and pros. Let’s start our ride on scooters.

The Newcomer

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Yes, I have mentioned electric scooters as the newcomer because of its less recognition among the users. Even though there we have so many options in electric scooters than the petrol scooter, like low maintenance, considerable price, they are always next to the petrol scooters. But why? Because of its battery’s inability. At times technology fails in front of the traditional things, isn’t it?

Petrol or Electric?

As we all know electric scooters using the energy, meanwhile petrol scooter consuming the fuel. What matters between them? Maintenance, price, power or fuel consumption, most importantly performance.

Electric scooters are using the energy that is stored in its internal lead-acid type battery, its capability is much better than the petrol scooters battery. At the same time, the petrol scooters get the energy from the fuel.

About Electric scooters

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In the electric scooters, the battery capacity will differ from 250-500watts. If it gets 250 Watt capacity means, that electric scooter will cost much because of its high capacity. Based on the motor capacity the battery capacity will differ from 20-40 AH. you can charge it for the charger given along with it. You can plug in the battery via the charger in your wall socket itself. The battery will take some 6-8 hours to be fully charged. A fully charged battery will give approximately 50-70 kilometres mileage.

Pros of electric scooters

  • As per the report, electric scooters consumes only a single unit per hour. So the consumption of energy is low. So the cost of maintenance is very low while comparing to the petrol scooters.
  • Because of its sealed lead-acid type battery, there is no need to use distilled water often like the petrol scooters.
  • There is no need for license and insurance for the 250-watt E-scooters. Even there is no road tax. The helmet also not required. So you have a stressless ride.
  • Electric scooters are eco-friendly too.

Cons of electric scooters

  • Electric scooters take more time for the battery get charged. As we know already it will take few more minutes to fill a full tank of petrol scooters. Even there are no considerable charging stations for the E-scooters.
  • In E-scooters’, a battery has one year warranty. So you need to change the battery in every two years.
  • In petrol scooter, we can calculate the petrol level, but in E-scooters we can’t depend upon the battery charge level. Because the battery charge level depends upon the cold level of the atmosphere.
  • Though the electric scooters are eco-friendly, they cause the CO2 production somewhat.
  • The highest mileage of electric scooters is 70 kilometres, But in petrol scooters, we can get 300 kilometres when the fuel tank gets filled wholly.
  • If you are dwelling in an apartment mean you need to search for the plug point in the parking lot.
  • You cannot use the E-scooters in hilly and steep areas.
  • E-scooters’ highest speed is 25kmph, while in petrol scooters’ speed is approximately 80 kmph.
  • Also, the price of E-scooters is not less than petrol scooters.
  • Even petrol scooters have the 21 times better power than the E-scooters. So only most of the times E-scooters considered as inefficient one.

Final verdict

If you need low maintenance and considerable mileage you can choose the E-scooters. If you are travelling through steepy roads means this scooters won’t suit you. While comparing to the petrol scooters, E-scooters performance is low. But maintenance cost is much low. Now the court is yours you have to choose, according to your needs. But choose wisely.


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