What is Email Marketing? Advantages and Disadvantages

We can promote anything by marketing like business, products, and services. Marketing is very important to attract people. Marketing is like advertising something. Your marketing strategy should be innovative. Then only you can get more customers. Newspapers, Televisions, and Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc are best marketing platforms. We can do marketing through Email also.

email-marketingEmail marketing

Email Marketing is sending commercial messages to the group of people by using email. It is a process of sending commercial or fundraising messages to an audience. It is the essential tool for business. It is enhancing the relationship between the marketer and customers.

Advantages of Email Marketing

  • Business people used email marketing to sell their products and provide their services.
  • Email marketing cost is very low compared to other marketing channels. We don’t need to spend more money on print, postage, magazine and television channels. We can send many emails at a time. But the cost is very low.
  • We can save the time by Email Marketing. Because we can purchase any product from anywhere at any time within a single click.
  • Email marketing does not need a huge team. Advertisers can use fancy templates, videos, and images. But these things must attract the people.
  • Subscribers can share the deals with their friends in a single click. And the user can easily track the email marketing.
  • Email marketers can do targeted marketing based on their customer’s age and income.
  • Email marketing is also a global level marketing. Because advertisers can advertise the product throughout the world.
  • Email marketing is used in the entire business world. Because you can get more profit than your investment.

Disadvantages of Email marketing

Through Email marketing has many advantages, it also has a few disadvantages.

  • Some spam emails may irritate the customers. If your emails are not reached to the correct people, the recipient may delete the emails.
  • Many emails do not yet reach the customers if it is not updated.
  • It has design problems. Because some people have received text emails only. So designed is not appear in their emails.
  • Some files are big in size. It has more images. So it takes more time to load. Finally, the people lose their interest.
  • If your email like spam emails, the email receiver will report you. If the web host finds you are maybe spamming people, it can ban your website.

How to do Email marketing?

Email marketers send a mail to the people. They want to sell their products and provide their service. This is more effective than other marketing. Emails are sent to the people directly. But email marketer must need the permission of the customer to mail them. If they send a mail without their permission, it’s like a spam. Customers permission is very important to send emails to Email Marketing.

How does  Email marketing work?

Email marketers must know about the customer details. If they subscribe the advertisement, email marketer will respond their action. Because customers have the bond with the email marketer. A marketer should know how many emails are opened, clicked and shared. They update their knowledge every day. Then only they can be a successful person in this field.

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