Different Types of Exporters – Manufacturer & Merchant Exporters

Have you decided to start Export Business…? Then decide what type of exporter you are going to be…Starting Export Business is very easy. Export means sending goods from India to abroad. Many people are doing Export business in India. This article will help you to choose your designation for exporting.

Types of Exporters

1. Manufacturer Exporter (Direct Exporter)

Manufacturer Exporter is an exporter who exports goods which are manufactured by himself/herself. This type of exporters are also known as “Direct Exporters”. This type of export is known as “Direct Export”. This type of exporters has to take risks. But they can gain more profit. The manufacturer Exporters will export the products in their own name. They won’t need any intermediates for exporting.

If you are a Manufacturer Exporter, you have to do following things

  • Manufacturing the exporting goods,
  • Marketing,
  • Getting order,
  • Export, and
  • Getting money.

When the manufacturer exporters export through Merchant Exporters, they don’t need to consider about above things. Merchant Exporters will take care of anything.

2. Merchant Exporter (Indirect Exporter)

Merchant Exporter is an exporter who buys goods from many manufacturers and exports them (goods) by Manufacturer’s company name or their company name. This type of exporters are also known as “Indirect Exporters”. This type of export is known as “Indirect Export”. Merchant Exporter won’t have their own processing factory or manufacturing unit.

Merchant Exporters acts as a mediator between Indian Exporters and Foreign Buyers. They get orders directly from International Market or through agents. They can export the excisable products either directly from the place of the Manufacturer, with or without sealing of export consignments, or through his place under claim for rebate or under bond.

3. Service Exporter

Service Exporter is an exporter who exports the services where we can’t see the product physically. The best example for Service Exporter is those who are exporting Software. If Manufacturer Exporter or Merchant Exporter exports anything, we can see the export goods physically. If we sell software to other countries, our country will earn Foreign Exchange. Let us assume that you are a consultant in a particular field and a company which is in abroad needs your guidance. Now you can give your ideas to that company and get money from them.

4. Project Exporter

In our country we can see many professional companies who undertake contracts for Manufacturing, Designing, Erection, Supply, Commissioning, Service, etc. if they earn Foreign Currency for their work, they will fall under Project Exporter. Project Exporters get projects from abroad.

5. Deemed Exporter

Deemed Exporter is an exporter who exports the goods within a country. He will get the payment either in Indian Rupees or in free Foreign Exchange. In this export, the goods don’t move out of the country. We can say it as inter-state trade. Deemed Exporter may be either Manufacturer Exporter or Merchant Exporter

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