How to file Income Tax Return for individual – India

Are you seeking a way for filing your Income Tax return for the first time…….? It is not a big deal. At present, you can file your Income Tax Return through online without many struggles. No more intricate forms and long queues. Data of Tax which you are paying to the Income Tax Department will be examined by most agencies when you have been applied for any kind of loans or VISA.

You can file your Income Tax Return via online by signing on the website of Income Tax Department. After documenting return, you will get an acknowledgement receipt.

Ways of e-filing:

There are two different types of e-filing Income Tax Return.

  1. Download the needed form in the downloading region and save the form on the desktop. Upload the form again on the site after filling the form offline with all the required details.
  2. Select the option of quick e-file and you can fill the form online with required details.

Here are the steps to eFile your Income Tax Return,

Registering on the site of Income Tax Department

  1. Using online site of Income Tax Department, one can e-file the Income Tax Return.
  2. To e-file Income Tax Return, it is necessary to add Permanent Account Number (PAN), Name and Date of birth.
  3. You need to pick a password and now user ID is your  PAN.

Choosing Essential Form

essential formMany types of forms are there for every group of people who have been paying  Income Tax. Choose the appropriate type of form.

  1. ITR-1 – this form is for individuals who are gaining a salary, pension, any income from property or things expect lottery
  2. ITR-2 – it is for the person who is earning capital gains
  3. ITR-2A – this form is for the person who is not earning any capital gain but owns more than one house
  4. ITR- 3,4,4S – this form is for those are Professionals and business owners.

For chosen Return form, download Return Preparation Software.

Maintaining needed documents

  1. Your PAN, Form 16, data of investments, insurance, home loans, TDS certificates should be kept ready.
  2. Download the Form 26AS and with this, you can authenticate your tax return to examine tax liabilities

Note: There will be a column  “AL” or Assets and Liabilities for the person who earns above Rs 50 lakh. Declare the value of assets and liabilities at cost.

Filing and Uploading

  1. Select ‘generate XML’  after downloading the form if you decided to fill the form offline.
  2. Save this XML file.
  3. After filling all the details, log into the e-filing website of Income Tax Department and select ‘upload XML’ and click on “Submit Return”.

Confirming ITR V

itrv submission

  1. An acknowledgement number is produced after submitting ITR form.
  2. Safeguard your acknowledgement number If the return is submitted using the digital signature.
  3. If  ITR  is submitted without a digital signature, the form should be printed and signed. In a period of 120 days of filing the return, this ITR form should be sent to the processing centre in Bangalore.
  4. If ITR V is not verified, the process of Income Tax Return filing will be incomplete and ITR will be invalid.

This process enables you to file your Income Tax Return successfully without much anxiety or struggle. We pleased to meet you over comments if you have any suggestion regarding this page.

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