Which Hairstyle Suits You – Female Face Shape

Nowadays people are more conscious about their Hairstyle. Particularly girls are taking so much care about it. To choose your Hairstyle, you should know the shape of your face. Best hairstyle gives more confidence to us. All the girls will expect that everyone should admire their beauty. Hairstyle adds extra beauty to the face. So most of the people keep their hairstyle according to their face shape. Some people will have a personal hairstylist to cut their hair. These days even if you go to the normal beauty parlours, you can have a perfect hairstyle which is suitable for you.

Common face shapes

Diamond Shape

Characteristic of Diamond shaped face

  • If you have a Diamond shaped face, you will have a narrow forehead and a wide jawline.
  • Forehead and jawline may have the equal width.
  • You will have a pointed chin.
  • Cheeks should be high and pointed.

Hairstyle for Diamond Shaped Face


Image courtesy: beautyeditor.ca

  • High Ponytail is one of the apt hairstyles for the diamond shaped face.
  • Long hair with side bangs.
  • Long wavy hair.
  • Long curly hair. If you have enough hair, side parting will add a neat look to your face. Then tuck your hair behind the ears.

Round Shape

Characteristic of round shaped face

  • The face will have the same length and width. Round shaped face is as long as it is wide.
  • Forehead, cheekbones and jawline will have the equal width.
  • Round shaped chin.

Hairstyle for Round Shaped Face


Image courtesy: santabanta.com

  • Long and straight hair will give a nice look to Round Shaped Face.
  • Maintain the hair at least below the chin.
  • Avoid short curly hair, rounded bobs, pudding basin cuts and strong bangs.
  • Long and slightly wavy hair also suitable for this face shape.
  • High Ponytail.
  • Try straight blunt-cut bangs.
  • Shoulder length hair with long layers.
  • Low ponytail with wavy hair.
  • Select side parting.

Square Shape

Characteristic of Square shaped face

  • The face should have the similar length and width.
  • The square shaped face will have the same width of jawlines, forehead, and cheekbones.
  • Forehead and jawline should have the equal width.

Hairstyle for Square Shaped Face


Image courtesy: timeincuk.net

  • Straight shoulder length-cut with layers.
  • Try side-swept bangs, If you have  a wide forehead
  • Avoid curly hair and short haircuts.
  • Avoid wide and heavy blunt bangs.
  • Shoulder length wavy hair.
  • A short corp cut.

Heart Shape

Characteristic of Square shaped face

  • Length of the face should high than it’s width
  • Forehead and jawline are in the same width and both are wide.
  • The face will have a wide forehead, strong cheekbones, and a pointed chin.
  • Rounded hairline (the edge of someone’s hair, particularly on the forehead).

Hairstyle for Heart Shaped Face


Image courtesy: pinimg.com

  • Chin-length bob.
  • Have at least shoulder length hair.
  • Blunt bob with long layers.
  • Shoulder length curly hair.
  • Side ponytail with side part

Long/Oblong Shape

Characteristic of Long/Oblong shaped face

  • Jawline and forehead will be in the same width.
  • Narrow forehead and pointed chin.
  • You will have a straight long nose and straight cheek line.
  • Face length is longer than the width.

Hairstyle for Long/Oblong Shaped Face


Image courtesy: hairstylesweekly.com

  • Ignore long hair.
  • Cut your hair in long layers which will touch your cheekbones and the chin.
  • You can have long wavy hair also. Because the waves add extra width to the side of an oblong face.
  • You can have bangs (fringes), curls and flicks.
  • French pleats and Chignons are common hairstyles for an oblong face.
  • Cut chin-length bob.
  • Low ponytail or High Ponytail.

Oval Shape

Characteristic of Oval shaped face

  • Forehead and jawline should have the equal width.
  • You will have wide cheekbones.
  • The face will be three times longer than it’s wide.
  • The Forehead should be slightly wider than the chin.

Hairstyle for Oval Shaped Face


Image courtesy: timeincuk.net

  • Thick and curly hair will add a perfect look for Oval Shaped Face
  • Avoid a blunt haircut
  • Straight hair with layers till the shoulder
  • Have curly hair that hits the shoulder. Side parting will be nice to oval shaped face
  • Short messy cut or crop
  • Afro hair cut like black people

Triangle Shape

Characteristic of Triangle shaped face

  • The jawline is wider than the forehead
  • Chin may be square or flat in shape
  • Narrow forehead
  • Long face

Hairstyle for Triangle Shaped Face


Image courtesy: pinimg.com

  • Blunt cut bangs are perfect for women with Triangle shaped face
  • Shoulder length wavy hair
  • If you want short hair means, add some layers
  • High loose ponytail with a middle parting
  • Short layered bob with side bangs.
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