30 Best Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers

Twitter is one of the best social media which is very useful for business. Many people are using it around the world. It offers many benefits.  Business people are using Twitter to establish their business. Because they interact with the people who are living throughout the world. So, you can advertise your business through it. Only if you have many followers, you can reach a high level.

If you don’t have many followers on it, you can’t do anything with it. Followers are not like numbers. They are your best friends or customers for your business. They can do anything. In fact, 36% of business people say that they have got many customers by using Twitter. Here I’m going to give you many tips for increasing your twitter followers. These tips will be definitely useful to increase your twitter followers.

Tips for you

  • First, you have to follow more people. So, they will follow you back.
  • Use a Hootsuite or sproutSocial tool. And it will schedule your tweets. If you post regularly, it will increase your engagement and visibility.
  • You should mention your city. Then many local users will follow you.
  • Add your job to profile. It also helps you to get more followers.
  • Use hashtags(#) in your particular post and it will help you to know who is searching for those keywords. So, they will start following you.hashtag-image
  • If you are going to tweet something, you can add images to tweets. Because 18% of people mostly like a tweet with images.
  • Use your original photo on your profile picture. Then only they believe you are a real person. If you will set another photo in your profile picture, many users think you are a fake person. So, they will not follow you.
  • Use good cover photo.
  • Mention your twitter account on your other Social Media accounts like FaceBook, Instagram, Reddit, etc. Because they may not know that you are using the Twitter. If you mention that you are using the Twitter, they may follow you.
  • If you tweet on the weekends for selling your product, 17% of users buy the products than the normal days.
  • If you have a website or blog, you can add follow button.
  • Your tweets should be unique. You can tweet inspirational and motivational quotes. It will help you increase your followers.
  • Use a Social mention tool. It will find out what other users are saying about your product or brand. So, you can respond to their questions.
  • If you post something for users, you must be used @(username). It will increase their attention.tweet-image
  • If you put embed the tweet on your website or blog, the users will see your tweets. If they like your tweet, they may be following you.embed-image
  • Chat with your customers. And it is a great way to engage with the people.
  • Use an Ignitwit. It will find new followers. You will choose your interested topic and it will give some list of users name.
  • Twitter is just not about a business tool. If you help to solve any problem with someone, they will follow you.
  • You must participate in Follow Friday. It is the tradition on Twitter. On Friday you add new users or recommend one or more users to another. It is the best key to increase your Twitter followers.
  • You must retweet in your famous tweet and tweet interesting links.
  • You must tweet same content at multiple times. Because Moz estimates one post lifespan is only 18 minutes. So, those content correctly not reach the users.
  • Adding Twitter Follow Button on your website. If someone views your website, they press Follow Button then automatically they start to follow you.
  • You don’t tweet often. Because it will become irritated to the people. So, they may unfollow you. Your tweet must be from 1 pm to 3 pm.
  • Ask people to retweet. End of your post you include “please retweet” or “please RT”. This also the best way to increase your Twitter followers.
  • Retweet your follower’s tweets.
  • If you have any talents like writing skill, photography etc, you can express your talents through it. If you tweet about your talents, people may like your post and then they will follow you.
  • Don’t promote your blog, website, and product often. If you do it, people will think that you are the spammer. So, people may unfollow you.
  • If you are a student, mention your college name on your profile. Through your college students may follow you.
  • If you are a busy person, use a buffer to schedule your twitter post.
  • Many people like blog and story. So, you mention best authors name in your tweet. They may like your tweet and follow you.

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