How to Sell your images online (make money via photos)

Photography is an art through which one can get profit by switching it into the act of business.  If you are the one who loves to capture awe-inspiring photos and having the best collection of photos, you can make it valuable by selling it… Webmasters and other businesses need images for their websites and for marketing their products. And there are people who wander to get a good collection of photos to set in their home. If you want to become a freelance photographer, there are a lot of ways to do it such as selling photos online.

There are some kinds of photos that are in demand,

  1. Photos of people
  2. Photos about working surroundings
  3. Travelling photos
  4. Photos of cities
  5. Photos of material or items
  6. Photos of nature
  7. Photos of animals

Best sites to sell your images


Over $350 million has been paid by the Shutterstock to its contributors since it is launched. It is free for a contributor to upload images on this site and he will get the copyright through which the contributors earn up to 20-30%.

The amount of earning depends on selling price of the photos which is based on the size of the image that has been uploaded. The current payout is between $0.25 and $28 per sale.

File type and Quality

Shutterstock allows the images based on the file type of JPEG and TIFF that are at least 4 megapixels or larger than that. So each and every image must be of the professional quality that will be judged by a reviewer.

How to submit images

  • Uploading content-  Shutterstock offers two ways for uploading photos: via the web browser or FTP.  Files under 50 megabytes can be uploaded directly via web browser and files that are above 50 megabytes must be uploaded via FTP.
  • Enter metadata-  after uploading images one must need to enter titles, keywords, and categories that enables to discover photos.
  • Submitting content- the final process is clicking Select All at the top left of the content Editor and Submit button.



Over 110 million stock images, vectors, and videos are there for sale on this Alamy website. This site offers the contributors 50% royalty payment on each photo sold. There is no exclusivity on this site.

This site will accept any image without any technical faults. When someone makes the first submission on this site, it takes 24 hours for quality check. Only three images need to check and each must pass QC.

File Type and Quality

Alamy accepts the photos from a DSLR with the minimum of 6 megapixels and images should be submitted in JPEG format.

How to submit images

  1. There are two options to upload images on this site: via FTP or via a web browser. Upload your image on the website through FTP or Alamy upload.
  2. Add tags and titles, keywords to the image.
  3. Click submit and within 24 hours images will be available for purchase.


iStockPhoto, the great platform for photographers who started selling photos. This website offers the standard royalty payout that starts at 15% per download and this will be increased to 45% based on the fame of the photo. This site will offer 22-45% royalties if someone is willing to sell photos exclusively.

Take a note of the below things before submitting the application on this website.

  1. One must be the copyright owner of the files that he/she submit
  2. Have to submit samples of each file type that he is applying for
  3. Have to submit images that express one’s best work

File type and Quality

photos that one is going to upload on this site must be the format of JPEG and it must not above 3GB.

How to submit images

  1. Before contributing the images on this site one must make himself as iStock member. This process takes a minute and free of cost.
  2. One should choose the file type that he is interested and then there will be a quick quiz that must be passed out by the contributor
  3. Upload three samples along with application that will be examined by the reviewers of this site



This platform has been running more than 10 years and holds more than 45 million images. This Fotolia is owned by Adobe. This site offers 20-46% royalties that will be transmitted to your account immediately.  If someone is uploading photos only to Fotolia then the royalty will be added to 35-63%.

File Type and Quality

All files should be 8 bit RGB JPEG files with minimal compression and images with sRGB colorless are preferred. Files must not above 30MB.

How to submit images

  1. Images can be uploaded using its Web Upload Tool or FTP Upload which requires an FTP client.
  2. Before uploading files, ensure Fotolia account has been confirmed and profile has been completed.


This PhotoShelter belongs to photography e-commerce platform that can be integrated into any website. This platform contains cloud storage for the photos, SEO an intuitive interface, and integrations of many social media.

File type and Quality

This site supports any type of file formats such as RAW, PSD, PDF, TIF, JPG and unlimited file size.

How to submit images

  1. Preparing Image Browser by creating a new gallery is the first step to upload new images.
  2. Transfer the images from the camera
  3. Upload the images to PhotoShelter


More than 10 years, Dreamstime is supplying highest quality images from the customers in the private sectors to Fortune 500 companies. This platform offers 25-50% royalties once the pictures got approved. On exclusivity contract, the royalty will be increased to 60%.  The price of every photo depends upon the count of times that has been downloaded.

File type and Quality

Files must be in the format of JPEG, RGB, sRGB, with a minimum size of 3 MPs and maximum of 70MP and free of noise or any other artifacts.

How to submit images

  1. Using the regular upload or FTP upload options, images can be uploaded. The FTP upload mode needs to b activated while the regular upload requires Java installed.
  2. Check whether the images have been correctly processed in upload history.
  3. Continue the procedure for submission and there will be three tabs- RF commercial, RF no keywords, Editorial. Select one of these tabs.
  4. Complete the submission process by sending images to review using “submit” button. The contributor will be notified if the images got approval or rejected.


This site maintains the feature of using the SimplyMug labs to offer prints, books, greeting cards that have been created from one’s own shots. And also extra features that are the ability to create coupons, photo packages, built-in analytics. One may get to keep up to 85% of his revenue.

File Type and Quality

Photos that one is going to upload on this site must not be above the file size 150MB( for video 3GB)

How to submit images

There are several options provided here for uploading images. Click “Browse Computer” to search for the images to upload and select a gallery to land in on Smugmug site. There is an option of drag and drop photos from a desktop or another system folder right into the Windows app.

More sites


One could submit the images here if he wants to sell it. After getting an approval from the editors, the contributor will receive the royalty of 20% for sold images.

500px Prime

On this site, The contributor will receive 70% net for all license sold. On exclusive license, the contributor may earn more but he can’t sell photos to anyone else.


This site takes a small cut of each sold photos. This site gives a way to set up own Etsy store where one can set the prices by themselves.


This site takes 15% cut from the sale the contributor make. One can sign in to the account and can set up the price of the images either in bulk or individually. This site takes all the responsibility such as printing to shipping.


There is a number of options available in this site and the contributor can use it by linking it to his blog, or other social networks. The contributor will earn 92% royalty or more for a yearly plan starting from $70%.


Here, through this site, the contributor can sell the photos as framed prints, home decor, posters, greeting cards.

We hope this article will be helpful to the photographers who are looking for the platforms to make a profit. We kindly welcome you to drop your comments below…

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