Increase Your Facebook Page Likes using simple methods

Facebook is very famous social media in the world. All kind of people using Facebook throughout the world. Because it has many features. The features are attracting to the people. We can make many friends through Facebook. You can share any news, videos, etc. If you are a blogger or a businessman, you will have a Facebook page. Because you can make many customers on Facebook. If you want to increase your website traffic, you will create a page on Facebook. On this page, you must post your blogs and daily updates.

Why do you want to get more likes on the Facebook page?
Everyone thinks that my page will be getting more likes than other pages. Because more people connected on Facebook. If you have more like on your page, website traffic will automatically increase. And more people trust on your page or website. People think your product can be branded.

How To Get More Likes on Facebook Pages?
1.Set Up Your Page Details
First, you have to create a Facebook page on your profile. You can set best profile picture and cover image on your page. Then go to the About and set correct details of your page. Because people can easily find your page.

  • Category – Edit your category that will express your page.
  • Name – Edit your page name.
  • Username – Edit your username.
  • Start date – Edit your starting date on your page.
  • Business types – Edit your business type.
  • Short Description – This will describe your page.
  • Long Description – You can describe many words on your page.
  • Website name – Add a website name.
  • Official page – Specify your brand’s name.

2. Invite Friends on Your Page

First you can gain more likes for your page. Then you need to invite your page to your friends. You can automatically invite your friends on your page. Go to your page and right side corner of below click “Invite your friends to like your page” option. Then, it will show all your friends and click invite button to all friends.So, your page request send to all friends.invite-friends
3. Ask your Friends To invite your Page on Their Friends
You can ask your friends to visit your page and you can also ask suggest your page on their friends. If you repeatedly ask your friends to invite your page on their friends, they will get irritated. So, ask them to very kindly and you will get more likes on your page.
4. Prepare Your Posting Schedule
You should post 1-2 times a day. If you post more than 3, that is not good. You can post interesting news on your page. This also the best way to increase your page likes.
5. Post Regularly
You must post regularly. Then only people visit your page often. Your post must be unique and innovative.
6. Include Facebook Like Box on Your Website
You can include a Facebook like box and sharing box on your website. And you can add widget or use a pop-up box on your website. This will attract to the people. So, you get more likes. If you do like, comment and share on other popular page, they will also like your page.
7. Use Share
If your content is the best, but correctly not reach to the people. You don’t know how to increase your twitter followers. So, you can find the same page like as yours. And message them to share your link on their pages. If your content is best, they will definitely share your link on their pages. Ask your customers to share photos on your pages. So, this photos will appear on their friend’s Newsfeed.
8. The Best Time to Post your Content
Your content must be posted at afternoon to 1 PM. Best days of sharing your post on Thursday and Friday for people engagement with you and Saturday is the best day to get more shares in your post.
9. Create 2 Pages for Same Topic
You have to create two pages for one topic. You can share same link on two pages. This method will help you to get more likes on your pages. Thereby, many people visit your website. So, your website will get more traffic.
10. Post and Share Valuable Content
You should post or share valuable content. Suppose, you don’t have a valuable content on your website you can take news from another website and share that news on your page. Because, some people eagerly waiting for your content and you don’t post on your page they will be disappoint.
11. Use Images and Memes On your Website or Facebook Page
If you want to increase your page likes, you will post relevant images and memes on your page. If you do this, you can get 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 83% more clicks. Some website has using comic strips that will attract to the people. If you are good in drawing or sketching, you can also add images on your page or website that must relevant on your content.
12. Facebook Ads for increase your page likes
Facebook ads are best way to increase your page likes. You can get many likes by using Facebook ads. If you want to promote your page, you can use Facebook ads in cheap price. You will target correct person for your page then only your page got more likes. Choose correct country who are most interested in your topic. You can also choose the people based on their language, their relationship status, work status and their education etc.
13. Promote Your Page on Other Social Media
If you have not more number of likes in your page, don’t worry to about that. You can promote your page or website on other social media handles like Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc. and you can also invite your page to your Email contacts.
14. Visit your Page Insights
You must visit your page insights. You can see your post engagements which content is mostly reach the audience. So, you post that topic again on your page.
15. Post Embed Video To Your Website
If you post Facebook embed video to your website, the people get more interest on your website. So, they may be like your Facebook page. This also a great way to increase your Page Likes.
16. Add Facebook Page Link
Add your Facebook page link on your Business card and any other print ads, etc. And also add link to your author bio of your guest post.
17. Post Latest News , Videos and Pictures
People wants to know about latest news. If you post latest news, videos and picture on your page, the people may like your page. Then, they also share your post on their pages if it is interest.
18. Add Comment Box
Add Facebook page comment box in your website. When people visit your site they can comment anything in your box. So, someone see your site and they can read their comment. If their comment is good, they also like your page.
19. Add Link To your Email Signature
Use your Facebook page link to your email signature. People can see your mail and they can also see your link. So, they may be click your link. This also a great way to increase your Facebook page likes.
20. Announce Offers
This is a great way to increase your Facebook page likes. If you offer “who first 10 like my post”, they will get 20% discount for this product. So, people get more interest on your page. So, they may be many times visit your page. They may be suggest your page on their friends. They will also a like your page.
If you have any ideas to increase Facebook likes, inform us through your comments.

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