How to Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing in Amazon?

Now a days Amazon is the working platform for many people. One can make more money via Amazon affiliate marketing. Most of the people  keep an eye on affiliate marketing with Amazon. But to earn more you have to start up few steps and then should follow some strategies. In this article we are going to discuss those process.

Affiliate with Amazon

affiliate amazon

You may doubt why only with Amazon? Because Amazon is the very large platform for the ones who needs to earn quickly. Also Amazon is the popular site which holds more number of people to buy through them. Even you can approach and start your affiliate marketing easily. Because they are following the tiered commission structure. Even you can sell your website in future with Amazon itself, if it’s not working out. Also Amazon spread its platform all among the world so you can reach the world easily. In GeoRiot Amazon, you will not get nothing upto 1k clicks, for 10k clicks you will be offered $10.

How can I?

working of affiiate marketing

Create your own website

To become an affiliate marketer, first you have to create your own website. You can create it with the websites like GoDaddy and 1&1. You have to name your website based on the product you are going to promote for Amazon. For example, if you are going to promote a technical products then your website should have the domain name which is related to the technical products. Then you can write an article about those things, also you can market them for Amazon.

You need to concentrate on the themes of the website. Because which is the platform to interact the visitors easily. Also be sure that theme will suit for your affiliate marketing or not.

So choose the relevant products in your blog. The products, that you are promoting must be related to your website. So before promoting the products, you have to think twice whether the products prompt to your blog or not.

Place the product link

After writing an article you should add the Amazon link anywhere in the article. Normally the links will be link with the contents. So the viewers will click it easily. Or else you can put the link on the product. So the viewer can click it easily and can go to the Amazon page. The customer can buy the same product in the link or else they can buy other things too. Whatever he/she buy on Amazon within 24 hours after clicking the link, the affiliate marketer will get the commission. You can put many Amazon link in a single article if the content needs. Every link will is important in affiliate marketing.

Sometimes you can add the links that are informative to the visitors. For example, if the visitor is in search of a particular place means you can add a link of a CD which describes that place. So the visitor may buy that in Amazon, then automatically you will get a commission.

At Times you can add contextual links in your site post, with or without knowing the visitor can click a link and can visit Amazon page.

Focus on the content

If you really want to earn more in affiliate marketing means you have to consider your website traffic first. Because without the considerable traffic you can’t earn much in affiliate marketing. So you have to create your blog as a content rich and informative and entertaining one. So if you have to success in both blogging and affiliate marketing means concentrate on your contents first. Because they are the main sources to bring more visitors to your site.

Concentrate on what people buy

As we discussed above you have to attract the readers with your content. Once you have inspired them means they will visit your blog frequently. But your contents should be trustworthy one then only visitors will believe in your website and they will recommend your blog. That will help you to earn more in affiliate marketing.

Also you need to watch carefully on what are the things people buy most to increase the organic traffic. Even by increasing your organic traffic you can get more commission. To attract the people just use ratings method to the products.

Holiday sales

In affiliate marketing one can get more commissions during the holidays. For example if it is an Halloween celebration means,Amazon will put special offers. And that time the sales scale will rise in the market. Especially for an affiliate marketer, those times are like jackpot. So use those opportunities by writing  about the top products which are listed in Amazon sales page. Even you can put those product links in your Niche website. Even that time you can start a new Niche site on the top products to increase your sales commission. Also can add many links according to the top sales. This kind of sales promotion will help you to rise your traffic briefly.

Even those times you can name your niche site related to that holidays. So the people can find your website easily.

Increase your payout

First of all, you need to select the products which have less competition also inexpensive, even start a separate niche site. There you can rise your affiliate sales easily, because you are promoting the low expensive products and you can sell those products rapidly. Along with this you can start a niche site to promote costly products, because you can get ransom of commission from this kind of products. But those products will take more time to sell, but through this you can rise your money easily. Through inexpensive products you will increase the sales quality and through expensive products you can get more commission. So you are in safe zone because you have separate niche sites based on the price and both will help you to rise your earnings.

Buy now

amazon buy now button

You can add the buy now button in every content, that link will take the reader to Amazon straightly. Instead of craeting this kind of buttons manually with easyazon plugins.

Product comparison grid

You don’t need to write a big content on somethings and awaiting to traffic. You can create a niche site for a product comparison grid itself. So you can add the required informations itself. The reader will get all the informations and they can compare the products within your site itself. For example, if they are searching “top 10 accounting software” means you can create a comparison grid and you can add links of that softwares. If the visitor buy any one of the software oyu can get commission. Even there is a WP plugin for that to, named WP Table Reloaded. Even you can do it manually. Through this type of blog page you get many opportunities to increase the marketing.

Repeating deals

For that first you need to analyse the products which are in Amazon top selling list regularly. But you can’t promote those things always, so you can write an article about those products or related to that products at least weekly once. For that purpose itself you can create a niche website. So you have to concentrate to promoting those kind of products too.

Amazon always offer so many discounts on various things in various times. So if your article is suits with the offer means just add the discount list in your blog, it is the another idea.

Monthly best seller

Even you can write a post on the monthly bestseller list and current trends. While you are updating these kind of information you can get more readers on your site. But your content must direct them in the right path then only  they believe in your site always. Even you can concentrate on the bestseller which most of the visitors are  in search of. So with this tactic you can make them to buy more and to increase your profit.

In review articles

In review articles you can place the link directly for the particular product. But you have to describe the product clearly. Your content should tempt the readers to purchase the product, also at the same time the review must be trustworthy. That’s why I personally advise you to choose a quality product for affiliate marketing.

In that article you have to recommend the genuine products in order to maintain the visitors trust. So you can use the relevant products yourself which you are promoting mostly. Even you have to use the products that you referred in review articles to share your first hand experience.

Various Tracking ID

Don’t think you can create only one ID in Amazon. As per your wish you can create up to 100 tracking ID’s, according to your websites.


With easyazon you can insert the Amazon affiliate links easily. You can add this easyazon plugin in WordPress itself. This will help you to fill in the data and affiliate links to Amazon rapidly. This plugin will help you to insert links on wording and images. Also this plugin will help you to insert a product information grid. It can convert the links from one country to another country. With this you can generate the links. So your click rate will increase automatically with this plugin.

Native shopping ads

If you are placing the products in Amazon means, you can use Native shopping ads to promote the products easily. Even visitors can buy some other things instead of one thing.

Through e-mail list

Nothing can happen without internet nowadays. One of the main way to promote the products is through e-mail list. So just create an e-mail list. First you can start the email lists  with your kin and kith then you can spread widely through them. That’s why many bloggers and online marketers choose direct mailing to their readers. So just make a email list to promote the product  to get more commission from that.

Add a video

If the article is promoting a particular product means you can add a youtube video which describes that products features. So the visitor can come to a decision, whether to buy the product or not.

Checkout for pre-orders

If a particular product will be in market soon means you have to check the pre-orders page on Amazon. So you can mention it in your post that the product is already available in Amazon.

Final verdict

There are plenty of opportunities in affiliate marketing to earn more. Through Amazon you will be an affiliate marketer soon. Choose the relevant way to do marketing. And try above methods to make more money.

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