Market/Promote a Book on Social Media for Free – FB, Twitter, Instagram

Do you want to attract a huge number of readers quickly? Would you like to increase your readers list easily? No more worries. Because there are so many ways to promote your book via social media. In this article, we are going to discuss online promoting. Choose the suitable way that given below for your book marketing.


To promote your book online Goodreads is the best source. Even its better than the printed copy. In this, a writer can get honest reviews too. Even you can ask your friends to give reviews to increase the reader’s list. Also there you can put your book on the Goodreads Giveaway. Through this, you can market and get honest reviews to your book easily. Be cautious about the reviews may be bitter at the time, so get ready to answer. But those are a genuine one.


It’s an excellent way of promoting books nowadays. You can easily share your book in that and share it easily on your Personal page. You can put your work on the Facebook business page, to ease the marketing. Also, you can create an author Facebook page because that will ensure the marketing apart from friends & relations. Also, it helps to maintain your readers professionally.

Easily you can add that link to your website, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog, also with your personal FB page.Along with this, you can give every information about the book promotion.

Also, you can use Facebook for business by creating an ad. Just link that ad everywhere like linking the business page. But you should invest some reasonable amount for that ad. But that helps you to attract the readers easily, but you should concentrate on the consequences whether your ad has attracted the world or not.

But wait buddy..don’t expect instant victory. But it will assure your gradual fame. Ask for the reviews on the Facebook page. Also, try giveaway contests. You also can use apps like Woobox, Shortstack, Rafflecopter for this type of online contests.


We all know Amazon is one of the important sources for promoting new books. Make sure the book cover is glossy and attractive one. Also, you can add your book Amazon after the professional editing.

Then you need to write a Metadata [ data about your work]  when you are linking your book via KDP to Amazon. Metadata should come minimum 100 words.

After which try to get reviews from Amazon to be known easily. To get reviews you can go for Giveaway technique. Just give the copies to the winners. They may give the reviews, but at times they may not give the review. So don’t get discouraged attracting readers is a slow process.

You have to increase your rating Boss. For which you need to sell as many books you can sell in a quick span of time. Also, choose sites like Bargain booksy and Freebooksy while they give offers. Try this kind of websites to promote your work easily.

Try the halo sales. Which means marketing your book along with a successful book or product to be known quickly.

Also, do a content marketing [make a picture or video] to attract the readers. Every 3 months you need to concentrate on the marketing process.

Note: create a website that will directly link with Amazon, you should use this URL on other social media.


Just create a Twitter account first. Then follow famous writers and people who are mostly tweeting about writers, books, book marketing. Follow those tweeters to get more information alongside you can build a network.Also, you can put your book’s image as the profile.

Easily you can promote your book on Twitter but don’t post the things about your book always, it may annoy the followers. Your post can be related to the book’s subject, that makes sense.

If someone sends a better tweet to you mean just retweet with them. Also, you can share that with your followers. If it’s an informative mean your followers’ list will increase.

To increase your followers just use a hashtag by using the # symbol. It indicates a kind of tips. If someone searching for the tips means they can easily follow you. For writers, you can use hashtags like #bookmarketing or promote, #amwriting, #writing or #writetip. And try to tweet with other writers. Through #amwriting hashtag, you can contact with so many writers. Via that, you can promote your book easily.

It is a trustworthy marketing, once you will manage to get more followers. While marketing via Twitter you should have the patience to get the most number of followers.


In Youtube, you can add a book trailer about your work. It’s almost like the movie trailer. Unlike movies, you can use images, music, voice-over. That the book trailer must be smaller at the same time catchy one.

After book trailing, you can make a video on your readers’ experience to maintaining the promoting level. Also, arrange a contest among your readers through other social media. Just arrange a social gathering for the winner. You can make a video on that occasion and put it on Youtube and other social media.

That video must be comical and interesting one. You can add that video link Facebook, Twitter, so on. To increase the marketing.

Note: you can use Vimeo instead of Youtube.


Fashion crosses the world daily through Instagram. Even to promote your book there are plenty of ways on Instagram. Just post your book image on Instagram regularly. You can take a snap the book during your picnic while dining.

Also can arrange a contest among your followers to post your book in a unique way. Or else try ba Giveaway. Also, you can post new collections of books that are related to your book theme.

Also, create an attractive background to post and use a different angle to post the book your book. Also, use inspiring quotes related to your book. Take a snap of your working process because many followers like to know what kind of information.

Take a snap like you are reading your book. Even you can ask your followers to post a picture while they are reading. If your book dealt with children mean just post it along with children to inspire the world easily.

You can create a video also post it. But the video must be shorter and inspiring one. If your book dealt with gardening means you can make a video on gardening. Also, post a with domestic animals to get noticed easily.

Don’t post always about your book because your followers may get bored so just post other things such as hashtags along with your marketing.


A podcast is a digital audio file. It helps the writers to market their book easily. That audio can be in Q&A type, or you can tell about your work, or else just read few chapters in your book. Even you can record an audio about the interesting topic in your book. Podcasting will help you to increase the readers’ list. You can verbally promote your book. It is an effective way to do so.


LinkedIn, helps to develop your professionals’ contact. Create an account on LinkedIn. Then search for the correct people to contact with. Try to interact with them. Also in this app groups are available. You can send a  request to the group that you want to take part in. through that, you may get so many information regarding that. You can market your book easily through that contacts easily.


Fiverr is the best source for the writers who are seeking for freelance services. Those freelancers are helping the writers in designing a book cover, logo, social media, proofreading, also good Createspace formatting, 3D cover design, also help to market your books.

There are so many ways to promote your book in social media along with the listed ways such as Google+, Craft Fair, so on. But the discussed things are giving you an easy access. Try every social media to enlarge your readers’ list.