Buying a New Car vs Used Car in India [Benefits]

Buying a car is a dream for everyone. Right now there is an overabundance of new cars and secondhand cars we have. But your budget stands everywhere to instruct to concentrate on the things which are essential to buy a car. Not only for new cars even for the used cars there are plenty of car dealers are came up.

So buying a car is not an issue but we have to consider the dependability, maintenance record and most importantly your financial plans in the first place. But every time there is a question will pop up in front of you, will I buy a new car or used one? Let’s explore.

new vs old car

Financial value

As we discussed cash comes first. You can buy a couple of used cars instead of buying a new car, it’s a most considerable benefit. You will get more features and spacious hatchback according to your budget. For 6 lakhs you can get a brand new Chevrolet Beat instead of a used  Hyundai I10 ASTA GLS 1.2 KAPPA. But buying a new car will give a kind of proprietorship. While you are selling a used car it will decrease in value than the brand new car, and you need to spend much for maintaining old cars. Because the servicing costs will differ in cars.

Maintenance of the vehicle

Maintaining a new car is much better than the secondhand car. Because even after years of usage and kilometres of travels you can maintain them smoothly. If you are buying a new car for the first time means you can also get a full warranty along with the maintenance package. But in the used cars, the parts may run out, because they might undergo some damages even though the former owner maintained it well, the calamity can change the quality of the car. For example, most of the automobiles had expired during the Chennai flood if we buy the car in that condition means to think about the quality. So you have to keep an eye on this issues, sometimes the car dealers and sellers conceal the condition of the vehicle. Some cars like used  Honda City [2011-2012] are reliable, inexpensive along with easy maintenance even after 1-2 years.

Quality and the New Wave

When we are talking about cars we have to focus on the features and newest technologies. High standard cars have most exclusive features than the entry-level cars. That alloy wheels, airbags, push-button start, steering mounted controls are very in each car. Sometimes you may buy a used car only for the features and technology even though your budget can afford a new small car. It will not be a good choice all the times that you are buying a used car only for the features and based on your budget. Even a small car can afford many features nowadays. For example, Toyota Prius C comes with touchscreen infotainment system but it’s a small one and also affordable. While the technologies grow faster the cost becomes economical but features will be insignificance.

Waiting Period

When you are buying a new car, you have to wait for sometimes to get it. Because the waiting period for new cars extended up to 4-5 months. But when you are buying a used car means you don’t wait for your ride. You have to consider the availability also.

Loan and other things

Even the bank loans are available for used cars and affordable too. But the interest for the used car is higher than a new car.

Before buying cars

new vs used

You can choose used cars if you have a low budget but need a spacious one. If you switch to buy cars often means used cars are ready to buy. Even certified secondhand cars also available. Even some car dealers offer warranties in two kinds of used cars. One system is giving warranty to the whole aspects of the car, in another kind they give warranty only to engine and transportation. But you need a mechanic often to maintain the pre-owned cars. Used cars devaluation is lower than the newer one. So it can reduce the tax. But finding a car that suitable to your needs is a troublesome job. The harmless parts like windshield can change in some used cars.

  1. Try to buy used cars directly from the sellers, to avoid the problems of high charge of the car dealers.
  2. You have to check interior as well as exterior parts of the pre-owned cars. You have to check engine sound, gasket area, oil cap, and all the parts of the car along with a test ride.
  3. Choose petrol cars instead of diesel. Because very hard to find a used car which has not worked lower than 25-30 k per annum, Cost of maintaining and declining in NVH [noise, vibration, harshness because of the years of usage.

So if you don’t mind about the used cars means you can buy them. But choosing a new or secondhand car based on your needs. If you have any related comments or information, just share it with us.


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