How To Register SSI Certificate In India?

You can apply for SSI certificate via the online application at the recommended state website for your State for registration. If you are submitting the application form in duplicate means that should be submitted to approved Zonal / Branch Office of NSIC which is nearby the enterprise.

Applying process – As we discussed there are two types of registration.

Provisional SSI Registration

obtaining ssl registration

Before getting Permanent Registration one must apply for the Provisional  Registration Certificate. If the enterprise is in pre-operative stage means this certificate can help to get an SSI unit obtain term loans and working capital. This certificate lasts for 5 years.

Documentation required for Provisional SSI Registration

  1. Passport size photographs 3 of the Proprietors, or Directors, or Partners.
  2. If it is a Private company means, then submit the copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association along with the Certificate of Incorporation. Also, the copy of the Resolution of the company, one of the Directors should sign on that application form and should appear for the interview.
  3. If the enterprise is under the partnership means you can submit the partnership deed’s photocopy. Normally it’s not statutory to register the Partnership deed under the Partnership Act.
  4. An approved enterprise should get the approval to set up from the Delhi Pollution Control Committee then only the Provisional Registration will be given.
  5. Any proof for legal possession viz., rent receipt, NOC proof from the landlord with proof of ownership,  the Power load authorized by the connection holder to the applicant of the Provisional Registration.

Note: Above documents are common, but it may differ according to the requirements of each state. You can apply for Provisional SSI Registration at any time, but the Industrial License is not statutory. Also, there will not be any field inquiry conduct by the authorities.

Advantageous of Provisional SSI Registration

  1. The factory can get a promote from the Government for the materials using for the construction of the building.
  2. Also can apply for the Municipal Corporation License and Power Connection.
  3. With Provisional SSI Registration you can get all approvals from the recommended authorities.

Set up the enterprise

After getting Provisional SSI Registration the proprietor should start-off the production of that industry to attain the Permanent License.

Permanent SSI Registration

msme certificate

After setting up your business, you have to apply for the Permanent SSI Registration, you can apply via online by using State website or the Zonal office or District office of the Department.

Essential things for Permanent SSI Registration

  1. The enterprise must have the approval from the Pollution Control Board, Drug Control Board and so on.
  2. There is no need for Industrial License if the enterprise is recorded on Schedule-III of the Industrial Licensing Exemption Notification. Except this, other enterprises should obtain an Industrial License.
  3. That the business should obey all the location restrictions.
  4. That the enterprise should not be sponsored, possessed or controlled by other industrial agreement.
  5. The actual value of Plant and Machinery should come under the determined limits for that you are applying.

Documentation required for Permanent SSI Registration

  1. Ownership proof such as Allotment letter,  Lease deed,  Property tax receipt, Possession letter. In case the enterprise has a Municipal Corporation License in its name or in the name of its owner or  in the name of one of the Partners / Directors means there is no need for the proof of legal possession.
  2. One photocopy of both Sale bill of each end product applied for and Purchase bill of each raw material.
  3. If the property is in rental basis means you should submit the legal possession proof like, rent receipt and/or NOC proof from the proprietor which is supported by the landlord’s ownership proof. To do so the rent receipt or rent agreement with General Power of Attorney [GPA] can be accepted. The GPA is chosen by the owner or renter via Regd. Act.
  4. If it is a Private limited company means, you should submit the copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association along with the Certificate of Incorporation. Also the copy of the Resolution of the company, one of the Directors should sign on the application form and should appear for the interview. If the change of  Directors afterwards you have to submit a copy of the Resolution and Intimation in form No.32.
  5. If the end products need a license under the Industrial Development and Regulation Act. 1951 means you need to submit a copy the Industrial License from Government.
  6. If the enterprise in Partnership means, then you have to submit a copy of Partnership deed. But it is not essential.
  7. Under determined  testimony on Rs.10/- Non Judicial Stamp Paper duly attested by Notary Public fixed with proper notarial stamp providing the status of the enterprise, Machinery set up, Power requirement and so on.
  8. Also the photocopy of the legal approval letter of the Pollution Control Committee of the belonging state.
  9. Purchase bill of machinery sets up.

Advantages of Permanent SSI Registration

  1. According to your business, you can get Excise Exemption Scheme also exception from some Direct taxes in the starting periods of your trade.
  2. At the subsidized rate you can get the raw material for the production from the Government.
  3. Many States offer so many schemes to the enterprises which are registered in MSMED Act, such as, allowances on power, taxes, and entry state-run industrial estates. Especially Sales tax exemption and Purchase Preferences on Goods.
  4. Every bank and financial sectors will provide exclusive schemes for MSMEs, such as Priority Sector Lending [which means the financial institution will sanction greater loan amount with lower interest rates]. If you are delaying the repayment means there is also a Preferential treatment.

Note: SSI or MSME registration will take 5-20 days depend upon the State the enterprise is situated.

State website for the Provisional Registration and the Permanent Registration

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