How to Start a Publishing Company in India

Would you like to start a publishing company? Do you want to be an author come publisher?  Cool.. It’s so simple. To do so just scroll down

Different kind of publisher

Trade publishers: A book designed for general public and available through an ordinary book dealer

Scholarly/academic publishers: It is a subfield of publishing which distributes academic research and scholarship.

Reference publishers: Learning material with lots of information. eg. dictionary, thesaurus.

Self-publishers: Publication of a book or other media by its author without the help of an establishing publisher.

Text book publishers: Books used by the students.It deals with academic learning materials.

Traditional book publishers

publishing company

Books sent to the publishers by the agents. They will edit and promote the book. They won’t get any money from you even for printing or publishing or any other expenses. But what they will do is they take money from the sales of your book but they pay you a “royalty”.

Self publishing

You want to pay the full amount of producing your work and even for marketing and distribution. You get all profits like finished copies, the copyright, all subsidiary rights. Who own all rights

Four Self-publishers are Self- publishing books, Self- publishing print on demand, Vanity publishers, Self-publishing no pay up front.

Self-published eBooks

Within 24-48 hours your book will appear on Kindle stores, it takes only 5 minutes to publish your book. Earn 70% royalty.  What you want to do is create a format and sent it Amazon, Smashwords. They take a percentage of your work. They make your book available on their sites.


After completing your book you can send it to Lulu.  you want to wait after paying a small fee up front to list your book with an ISBN, with companies and other services. You want to wait for some time then someone will buy a book. Then Lulu starts to print the book, ship the book and keep the bulk amount from the book sale. Then they will send you a percentage.

Vanity publishers

They have pricing packages. You want to pay a large fee upfront to publish a bunch of books. They will give a discount for more you bought, and they usually had a minimum.

In India, we can see traditional publishing market was dominated by 5-10 big publishers. The best selling authors were connected with these publishers. But small publishers besides these big publishing company, so that they won’t get authors to exaggeration themselves. But most of the vanity publishers tempting the new writers by boasting themselves.

Things you should know while starting the publishing company

Name – it should be catchy, and designed a logo it will give a unique identity of your own company on all marketing place.

Knowledge about a Business plan – publishing companies may specialize in different types of a genre like romance novels, children books, books on spirituality, books on self-improvement, UFO and science books. Have an idea or knowledge about your audience. Go for an interesting subject.

Local requirements – know about the area, and licenses required and taxes on small business.

Be aware – have a knowledge about the famous printing company so that you come to know how to print and know how to make a book together on a budget

Graphic designer– they give an exclusive book using publishing software program like QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Framemaker.

Editor and proofreader – before publishing your script they will completely proofread and correct it.

Register your name  –

By filing a fictitious business name statement.Depending on your location you may register your publishing company name on your district clerk or state government office.Some regional governments may ask you to announce your business name so that no one can come forward saying that they are already using that name.Make an investigation in your district and in state record to know whether they the name is already taken or not.

ISBN – ISBN (International Standard Book Numbers)  the company who is responsible for initiating the production of the publication. ISBN help sellers and buyers to identify your publishing business as the publisher of a given book. You need ISBN to sell your book at any retailer or on Amazon. Publishing a paperback and a hardcover,  you need two ISBN and for a special edition, you need one own ISBN. If you want ISBN for eBook you can. It identifies the publisher of the book. I advise you to buy the ISBN under the business name. Make sure that if any company offers a “self-publishing” package that includes ISBN and royalty payment, ISBN belongs to them so that you won’t be a self-publishing.

Book distributing company – it works with publishers to get books into the marketplace. Options like e-publishing (Kindle or Nook) and print.

Marketing – websites, book reviews, radio, TV, e-mail marketing, Newspaper Reviews.

Options are available

Sole proprietorship – someone who owns an unincorporated business by himself or herself.

LLC – is a separate and distinct legal entity. It’s nothing but an LLC can get a tax identification number, open a bank account and do a business, all under its own name.

Partnership- contractual relationship between two or more people

Corporation- a commercial entity that creates with you and other share hold shares.

Production process


In India, there are two kind of editing – Normal Proofreading, Substantive Editing

Normal Proofreading: You can get advice about plot, false statement, characters in your book.

Cover design

Using Adobe Indesign they can place the elements like Author name, Title etc…but a good cover design costs more than that.

Type setting

Typesetting converts Ms Word format to pdf format. Softwares like Adobe Indesign will give a good result.

eBook Conversion

You can do it free on Amazon. But it won’t look that much professionally finished the look. If you want professionally finishing look, go to a proper e- book


If a publisher gives a bulk order, definitely they will get a lower rate. Big publishers have rate contract with many printers it will help them to get the lower rate.


You can market your books in these ways: Book trailer, Blogger reviews, Newspaper reviews, Book launching function

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