How to Start and Register a Textile Shop in India?

Nowadays, starting Textile Shop is very easy. You can start this with a minimum amount. Many people get succeed in this business. Starting Textile Shop is not risky. When you start this, you should know the places where you can get the materials at low cost. People will expect a different style of chudi or saree which is new to the market. You should be ready with that before other shops get that.

Choose a right place to start a textile shop. Then only you can get a profit. When you want to start a textile shop without any experience, first buy some materials and sale it. Gain experience through that. You can do this by sitting in your home.

A Textile Shop should be like this

Textile shop mannequin

  • A shop should be clean and neat.
  • Keep AC in the shop. It is good to dress materials. It prevents the clothes from becoming fade. Or else you may have to use sprays which contain chemicals to prevent the clothes from becoming fade.
  • A shop should have the Trial Room.
  • Stitching and modification facility is important.
  • Parking facility is the must. People will spend 10-45 minutes to purchase. So, a shop should have the free place for shopping.
  • Use Mannequins (statue or Doll) in front of the shop. Use special dresses to the mannequins which are not available in other shops.
  • Fix CCTV Camera to watch what is happening in the shop.
  • A shop must be well ventilated.
  • Give uniforms and ID Cards to the workers.
  • Washroom (bathroom & toilet) is so important to all workplaces.

How to develop the shop?

  • Provide best customer service.
  • Buy quality materials to sale. Then only the customer won’t bargain.
  • Give offers on festival times such as Pongal and Diwali.
  • You can do this business as wholesale.
  • You can Export materials to foreign. Don’t do this through agents. Do it yourself.
  • Approach the employers friendly. But don’t give them too much freedom.
  • Arrange separate sections for ladies, gents, and kids.

Precaution against Fire

Most of the time fire comes from electricity, because of overloading, overheating, use of non-standard appliances, electric short circuit, tapping of electrical wires illegally, improper electrical wiring, ignorance, and carelessness etc.

To prevent from fire accidents,

  • Do not plug too many electrical appliances in a single socket. Use single socket for a single appliance.
  • Avoid smoking inside of the shop. Because many people will come to the shop. Don’t allow the people who are smoking. They may put down the lightened cigarette inside of the shop. It will also case fire.
  • Use smoke detector. If it senses fire anywhere, it will make the alarm sound.
  • Use Gas Fireplace which will put off the fire.
  • Use ISI certified Electrical Appliances.
  • Don’t use broken plugs and switches. Don’t use a bare wire ends to place in a socket.

How to register a Textile Shop?

  1. Submit the application in the prescribed form to the Labour Inspector of the Area. It should be submitted within 30 days of starting any work in the shop.
  2. The application should contain the following information a) Employer Name, b) Name of the Manager if any, c) Postal Address of the Shop, d) Name of the Shop and such other details as may be required.
  3. Submit the application along with the prescribed fees.
  4. The Inspector will check the correctness and accuracy of the application. Given details are correct means, he will enter the details in the Register of Shops and provide a Registration Certificate of the shop. This certificate is valid for 5 years.
  5. If you want to change any information, you have to inform to the Inspector within 15 days after the change has taken place.
  6. Then the Inspector will check the given details and make the change in the Register of shops. At last, he will modify the Registration certificate or provide a New Registration Certificate.

Note: if you want to close the shop, you have to inform the Inspector within 15 days of closing the shop. Inform the closing date and return the Registration certificate. Then he will remove your shop name from the register of shops and cancel your Registration Certificate.

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