Tips to save money on Indian Wedding

As you all know, wedding in India is the happiest moment with the support of family members., friends, relatives and both of the bride and groom. It is a one-time happening event and everyone want their wedding to be a memorable one. However, wedding is an extremely expensive function and some people may try to find some ways to reduce the cost and some people may start saving money for years to have a grand wedding function. Before you plan a wedding, you must plan your wedding budget. This article will help you to get some ideas to save your money from Indian wedding without compromising quality and style of a wedding event.

indian-weddingFollowing are some of the smart ways to save your money on a wedding.

Cutting down your Guestlist

When your guest lists are bigger, you have to spend more on your expenses.Cutting down your guest lists will help you to save your money on food, invitation and reception costs.Inviting guests is completely your family choice so, you can invite people whom you love and the people who love you most. Try to shorten your guest list and invite few guests so that they may enjoy with a small circle of their friends’ list. At the same time, you can treat them with great hospitality rather than showing off marriage with a bigger Guestlist.

Choose an off-season wedding date

During the wedding season, the venues, caterers and all sellers will increase their price to get more profits. Try to select the best at a reasonable price in the off-season rather than spending too much of money in peak season. Planning your wedding on off-season will help you to save money. Fixing marriage in weekend days will be more expensive than the weekdays.

Schedule your budget list

Preparing budget is the most important part of the wedding function. Budgeting plan helps you to limit your expenses. Take a note of lists that you have to spend on your wedding function such as food, flowers, entertainment, photography & videography, rental fees and other costs and make a decision to limit your expenses out of such costs and choose the best and cheapest one which satisfies your needs.

Appointing a wedding planner

Nowadays, it is advisable to appoint a wedding planner who helps you in giving better ideas to find the best quality with cheaper price.Your requirements will be fulfilled by your planner easily and they may be able to guide you in tricky situations because they  have better experience in attending many wedding events

Design your own invitations

You can easily print your invitations at a cheaper price. A new computer software allows you to create own invitations by using a clip art. You can also upload your photos to a new computer software and design your invitations at home itself. It helps you to save more money rather than spending too much cost in printing more invitations from outside.

Use credit cards that offers cashback or rewards

The credit card is one of the best ways to save your money on a wedding. Some credit cards offer best benefits for meeting wedding expenses such as purchases, booking hotels, dinner expenses, flight charges etc.., with no annual fees and interest charges. Therefore, your wedding expenses can be reduced with the help of credit cards. The credit cards which offers best rewards for wedding are;

  • Citi Diamond Preferred Card
  • Citi Simplicity Card
  • Chase Freedom Unlimited

Choosing a venue which allows you to appoint your own vendors

In India, there are many places for your wedding i.e.., from a five-star hotel to Kalyana Mantapa and everything in between. Select a venue which allows you to bring your own vendors because, based on your own personal preferences and budget you can choose the best one such as caterers, beautician etc.., rather than spending too much. Choosing the wedding vendors in local areas will also help you to save money from their travelling expenses.

Have your ceremony and reception at the same place

Instead of having ceremony and reception at different places, you can save your money by conducting both the functions in the same place. This will help you to avoid double payment of rental fees, travelling cost and decoration cost. Therefore, your guests will feel convenient and enjoy the same place.

Save your money on decor

Choose a venue which is already stunning in its decorations so that, you need not spend more money on decor. Just add a few flowers and pretty lights to make your venue much more beautiful and it will help you to save more money.

Save your money on photography

Instead of giving more money to professional photographers, you can save your money by finding photographers from your friends’ circle or relatives or even you can hire students who learned photography. By falling into such categories will help you to save your money and they will do a good job at a lesser price.

Save your money on sweets

Instead of spending too much money on sweets, you can buy raw materials and hire a best sweet maker to make sweets or even you can prepare your own sweets from your family circle. This will help you to save more money rather than spending too much on labour cost and branded quality sweets.

This article will help you to save your money on a wedding event without sacrificing the happiest moments. If you want to spend a little more for a dream wedding, there are options to extend your finances at a reasonable rate. Therefore, know your options and save wherever you can.


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