Tips to save money on online shopping

As you all know, the internet is an essential part of our daily life. It has made significant changes in our lifestyle by making it easy to search for anything and to find things from online which may make you to feel comfort from your home. In recent years, online shopping gained more importance because it saves valuable time and money of the

What is online shopping?

Online shopping is the act of buying goods or services through the internet using a web browser.

Are you interested in doing online shopping?

Do you want to save more money while shopping online?

If yes, this article will help you to save more money rather than spending too much while shopping online.

Why do consumers like to shop online?

The reasons consumers like to shop online are;

  • Even if you are busy, you can do online shopping in minutes. Therefore it saves your time.
  • You can buy online products at better prices because there is an absence of middlemen and consumers buy the products directly from the manufacturer /sellers.
  • It gives an option to buy several varieties of products from different sellers at one place.
  • When you do online shopping, you can avoid crowds. Therefore, you need not stand in a queue to buy the products.
  • You can compare the prices, quality, feature, discount, delivery of products from different online stores.
  • You can use any mode of payment as per your convenience.
  • Online shopping gives you privacy because no one knows what you are buying.

How to have a safe and secure online shopping?

Here are some of the essential guidelines for secure online shopping

  • Use popular websites which have a strong reputation.
  • Use credit cards instead of using debit cards.
  • Give a secure password which is unique and rare.
  • Avoid using e-store which requires more information than necessary to make a sale.
  • Always print and save a copy of your orders.
  • Update your security settings.
  • Check your electronic statements regularly.
  • Be secure with your wifi connection.
  • Make sure that you understand the shipping terms.
  • Make sure that your account is safe which means to check whether your account is log out or not.

How to save your money on online shopping?

There are simple ways to save your money from online shopping. To know more, follow these tips.

Compare the prices of product before shopping

Today, you can find several numbers of shopping sites in India. Therefore, it will be difficult for you to decide which site offers the best deal on a particular product. Comparing the sites will help you to find the best product which helps you to save your money. In online shopping, different merchants fix different prices for the same product. So, make a comparison and choose the best product with better prices.

Use coupons

Most e-commerce websites offer discount coupons for the products. Coupons provide you great discounts or free shipping.and it is also easy to use. Once you enter the coupon code, you are eligible for getting discounts from it. Becoming a member of a coupon is free of cost. To get the benefit of more coupons, you need to have the habit of using online couponing sites such as,,, and to get the discounts.

Use Social Media for Research

Nowadays, social media plays an important role in discovering new products which offer great benefits. On some occasions, e-commerce sites provide special discount offers and coupons for their social media fans.Therefore, following the social media, you will be able to enjoy special offers and discounts. With the help of social media research, you will be able to save more money rather than spending too much.

Read reviews of the product before you buy

As a rational consumer, you need to choose the best quality products with the better prices.

Before buying a product, you must have the knowledge of it. Various stores like Amazon and Snapdeal offer product reviews which are posted by the real user of the product. By reading the purchase experience of the user,  you will get a clear idea of it. Through these reviews, you can save your money rather than spending too much on buying overpriced products

Setting up price alerts

The price alert facility helps you to know when the online prices of the product fall. If you want to buy the product with lower price, just put all the items in Google Spreadsheet which you wish to buy and the price tracker will help you to monitor the prices of the product.

Use Credit Cards

If you know to use the credit cards in a smart way, you can save more money in online shopping. Some credit cards offer more benefits such as discount offers, reward points and 0% EMI for online shopping which helps you to lower your financial burden and save your money.

Do shopping in festival days

During festival days, almost all e-commerce websites offer great discount offers to get the maximum traffic to their sites. You can smartly save your money by doing shopping at the time of festivals and special occasions because it gives you great discounts and amazing deals on that particular day. Online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal offer great benefits like Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale, Snapdeal Savings Day and the Great Online Shopping Festival (GOSF).

Free Shipping

Many e-commerce websites offer free shipping facility at no extra cost. This facility helps you to save more money on online shopping. Therefore, while making shopping in online, always look for free shipping option. It will help you to avoid the extra payment while buying the product.

Finally, make use of these tips while shopping online and you will be able to save more money.

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