Best Second Hand Cars to buy [Top Used Cars]

Even after decided that you need to buy a used car, you have a dilemma about which car you have to buy. Because of hatchbacks not only a machine, it brings a kind of happiness and possession to our family. So you should choose a  car by exploring certain features like odometer fraud and engine capacity. Also, the used cars market is rapidly reaching its hike in India nowadays. Even loan facilities and insurance policies also available for used cars.  It’s leading the new cars market too. Don’t worry we are here to help you. Get set go on the topic.

Maruti Suzuki Swift 

maruti suzuki swift

From its first launching in 2005, there is a huge demand for both used and new cars.

  • Efficient in both fuel usage and engine performance.
  • Now Maruti Suzuki Swift motorized by 1.2 litre, K12 petrol engine and 1.3 litres, Multijet diesel engine.
  • Mileage – 18-20 kmpl. Petrol – 20.4 kmpl and Diesel – 25.2 kmpl
  • Engine capacity – 1. 1248 cc,Diesel, 74 bhp @ 4000 RPM power       2. 1197cc, Petrol, 83 bhp @ 6000 RPM power
  • Fashionable appearing with lavish features.
  • Available in both petrol and diesel models.
  • Comfortable and spacious passenger cabin.
  • Superior mileage and easy and inexpensive maintenance.
  • Most importantly an easy drive.

Honda City 

honda city

  • It comes next to Maruti Suzuki Swift, launched in 1998.
  • The petrol model of Honda city equipped with 1.5 litres, 1497 cc, I VTEC petrol engine 117.3 bhp of maximum power with 14 kmpl mileage in city and 17 kmpl in highways.
  • The petrol model of Honda city equipped with 1.5 litres, 1498 cc, iDTEC diesel engine that delivers 98.6 bhp of maximum power with 21 kmpl mileage in the city, 25 kmpl mileage on highways.
  • Excellent looking, spacious passenger cabin along with secured features.
  • Wonderful engine performance and fuel efficiency.
  • Easy maintenance. Though the spare parts are bit expensive, the durability will last long.
  • Advanced and convenient long drives, so it suits the corporate life and sporty too.
  • On the whole, it’s a reliable one.

Hyundai i10 

hyundai i10

  • One of the best in the mid hatchback segment.
  • It comes with 1.1 litres, 1088 cc, IRDE petrol engine and 1.2 litres 1197cc Kappa engine.
  • The Kappa engine with i10 stopped from 2013, instead of that Hyundai Grand i10.
  • Hyundai i10 mileage is 20.63 kmpl, petrol engine 79 bhp@ 6000 rpm.
  • It has a great fuel usage and lofty efficiency in an engine.
  • Stunning outlook, also low maintenance cost. Compact package.
  • Worthful always even when you are trying to sell it in future.

Maruti Suzuki Alto

alto800 car

  • Price is economical and easy maintenance.
  • Petrol engine – overall mileage – 14.54 kmpl.
  • It comes with 0.8 litres, 796 cc petrol engine which provides 47.3 bhp@ 6200 RPM of maximum power along with 20 kmpl mileage in city and 24 kmpl in highways.
  • Affordable entry level hatchback segment.
  • Excellent look with moderate features, wonderful fuel usage.
  • Great mileage and easily you can sell it again.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire 

maruti suzuki swift dzire

  • Inexpensive and easy maintenance.
  • A capacity of an engine is 1.2 litre, 1197cc K12 petrol engine 82 bhp @6000 RPM and 1.3 litres, 1248cc Multijet diesel engine, same with Swift.
  • Petrol engine – overall mileage – 22 kmpl.
  • Spare parts are made in India so easy to find the mechanic.
  • Compact one, also easy resale.

Hyundai Santro Xing 

  • Mileage – 17.92 kmpl
  • Fuel type – Petrol
  • Engine displacement – 1086 cc
  • BHP – 62@ 5500[PS@rpm]
  • Inexpensive along with the dependability.
  • Its production had stopped now, but you can buy the pre-owned cars.

Hyundai i20 

hyundai i20

  • Mileage – 17.19 kmpl
  • Fuel type – Petrol
  • Engine displacement – 1197 cc
  • BHP – 82 bhp @ 6000 rpm
  • It is a Premium hatchback.
  • Compact features.
  • Spacious cabin.

Maruti Suzuki WagonR

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R

  • Mileage – 19.3 kmpl
  • Fuel type – Petrol
  • Engine displacement – 998 cc
  • BHP – 67.04bhp@6200rpm
  • Spacious one, and modified one.
  • Most reliable car also ensure a comfortable drive.
  • Also available in a company -fitted CNG and LPG kits models.

Hyundai Verna

hyundai verna

  • Mileage – 24.8 kmpl Mileage – 17.4 kmpl
  • Fuel type – Diesel Fuel type – Petrol
  • Engine displacement – 1582  cc Engine displacement – 1591 cc
  • BHP – 126 bhp@4000 BHP – 121 bhp @6300 RPM
  • Great features for the stunning look.
  • It has a diesel engine for last longing usage.

Toyota Innova 

toyota innova

  • Fuel type – Diesel- Mileage – In city 9.0kmpl and in highway 13.0kmpl
  • Fuel type – Petrol – Mileage – In city 7.0kmpl and in highway 11.4kmpl
  • Diesel Engine displacement – 2494 cc Petrol Engine displacement -1998cc
  • BHP – 100.57bhp@3600rpm BHP – 130 bhp @ 5600 rpm
  • Most reliable car and top model in MPV.
  • More comfortable because it’s roomy cabin.
  • Inexpensive maintenance.

Also, the current report listed different cars in various segments in India.

  1. Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 – entry-level compact
  2. Honda Brio – Upper Compact
  3. Volkswagen Polo – Premium Compact
  4. Toyota Etios – Entry Midsize Segment
  5. Skoda Rapid – Midsize
  6. Mahindra XUV 500 – SUV Segment

On the whole, Honda and Hyundai cars are most recommended for the engine performance. Even Toyota cars on that list. In Hyundai, there are many models such as Eon, i10, i20, which are best in used cars market too. In Honda, two models are affordable, those are Brio, Jazz. In Maruti cars Swift only advisable. Also, Volkswagen is advisable for its features.

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